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metro wifiMany cities around the world planned for city-wide Wi-Fi networks but was proven to be much more difficult than what was envisioned due to technical and commercial reasons. Over the years, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies have improved dramatically in terms of coverage, capacity, performance, quality, and manageability allowing Service Providers to cost effectively and salable deploy wireless mesh networks in strategically important and undeserved areas.

AccessTEL offers a wide array of solutions for Wi-Fi deployment ranging from campus wide to city-wide wireless networks.

Features & Benefits :


enterprise wifiAccessTEL’s partners are enabling fully-managed wireless connectivity, so that your people can focus on projects that fuel business growth, instead of dealing with someone’s wireless problems.

Everyone & Everything Connected.

Ready your Network for increasing number of Users, Devices ,Apps and Things.



resedential wifiWi-Fi has quickly become the favorite type of network connection. More importantly, most people now enjoy Wi-Fi at home.

AccessTEL is  Offering Residential WiFi Services For your Home.

Features :

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