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AccessTEL is a tier-1 Broadband Service Provider and with an experienced team of industry experts, AccessTEL aims to lead the Broadband service provision of Internet Access, Corporate Private Networks (Intranet) and Corporate Broadcast services. The AccessTEL management has years of experience on IT sector in Bangladesh and abroad. AccessTEL is an equal opportunity employer with a staff consisting of over 150 personnel with diverse skill sets and professional expertise.

AccessTEL is presently in the process of building a nationwide Broadband Network in Bangladesh. The network is being built to address both the corporate and residential Broadband needs. AccessTEL works closely with international leading Broadband Network Access suppliers and with leading Satellite Service providers with operations in multiple countries in the region for delivering customized and unique solutions. The Broadband Access for Internet and Private Networking (Intranet) solution services provided by AccessTEL using state-of-the-art systems allow very economical deployment of quality high speed Internet/Intranet access using a combination of satellite, wireless (3.5GHz Licensed Band) & Fiber Optic technologies.

AccessTEL offers a suite of services to meet the varied Internet & Private Networking (Intranet) needs of clients with IP based solutions minimizing client’s upfront and recurring network costs.


June 2000 AccessTEL introduces Broadband to Bangladesh for the first time.

April 2001 AccessTEL adds Hardware section in order to address additional service requirements of its clients.

May 2004 AccessTEL deploys Bangladesh’s first long distance FSO (Free Space Optics) backbones.

October 2004 AccessTEL deploys worlds first 3.5GHz Non-Line-Of-Sight Wireless Broadband Access Network in Dhaka city.

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