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technology partnerThe AccessTEL nationwide network has been built with state-of-the-art and proven technology from various equipment vendors globally.  The USTDA feasibility study was a key factor and starting point for the present nationwide network design, vendor selection and network deployment. Equipment and vendors used in the various AccessTEL network segments are as follows:

  • Network Core
    • Juniper: Carrier grade MPLS Upstream, Downstream & Aggregation routers
    • Huawei: Carrier grade manageable Aggregation Ethernet switches
    • Juniper: Upstream management & Traffic Shaping
    • IBM: Server Farm
  • Network Backbone
    • XXX: Fiber Optics
    • Motorola: High Capacity Radio
    • GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Citycell, Summit, Fiber & Home: STM Connectivity between cities in Bangladesh over the mobile/NTTN operator TDM Network
  • Network Distribution
    • Motorola: WiMax 802.16e wireless network on 3.5 GHz exclusive band
    • NextNet: Pre-WiMax wireless network on 3.5 GHz exclusive band
    • Motorola: Point to Multi-Point Radio Network on ISM band
    • XXX: Fiber Optic Network Distribution

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