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Private Network (Intranet)

DATA Service by AccessTEL

AccessTEL provisions Private Network (Intranet) for clients over its Broadband Infrastructure, where all client remote sites may have access to their Central HQ. The client remote sites will be able to access service applications of their Central HQ as allowed by the Central HQ per each remote site. The applications availed may be any internal application as well as Internet through its Central HQ Internet Gateway.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

AccessTEL provides its Private Network (Intranet) solutions via a combination of Wireless (3.5GHz Licensed Band) & Satellite technologies to the multiple remote ends and Wireless (3.5GHz Licensed Band)/Fiber Optic Cable to the Dhaka HQ.

As an additional security OPTION AccessTEL can also establish Virtual Private Network (VPN) routers at each location to enable clients to manage its own secure network using encryption for all data transmission. If however the client already has established its own VPN routers, then AccessTEL proposed equipment will seamlessly integrate with the existing VPN router.

Broadband Access

AccessTEL with its experienced team of industry experts aims to lead the Broadband service provision of Internet Access, Corporate Private Networks (Intranet) and Corporate Broadcast services. AccessTEL works closely with international leading Broadband Network Access suppliers and with leading Satellite Service providers with operations in multiple countries in the region for delivering customized and unique solutions.

The Broadband Access for Internet and Private Networking (Intranet) solution services provided by AccessTEL using state-of-the-art systems allow very economical deployment of quality high speed Internet/Intranet access using a combination of satellite, wireless (3.5GHz Licensed Band) & Fiber Optic technologies. Clients can use an AccessTEL provided IP based Terminal for Internet Access along with Private Network (Intranet) applications i.e. data etc.

IP Based Solution

AccessTEL offers a suite of services to meet the varied Internet & Private Networking (Intranet) needs of clients with IP based solutions minimizing client’s upfront and recurring network costs.


AccessTEL offered solution can serve clients with following typical Applications: –

* Internet Access.
* Private Corporate Network’s (Intranet).

Google Cloud

Internet Connection

E-mail Solution

ERP Software