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QoS Assurance

Quality of Services (QOS)

Network uptime and quality of service is of primary concern to AccessTEL and a key differentiator with our competitors. Network up-time is also the most vital component of achieving the committed quality of services. It is for this reason the AccessTEL 24 x 365 Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed with skilled personnel to monitor, manage and troubleshoot network issues to maintain the expected and committed Quality of Services (QOS).

Network Management Methodology

  • SNMP system has been implemented to monitor in real time all network device activities and generate alarms when performance goes below established benchmarks
  • During office hours all respective departments responsible for managing the various network segments monitor the SNMP system and immediately troubleshoots any network alarms for which they are responsible for
  • After office hours the SNMP system is monitored by the 24×7 Phone Support team and upon generation of any alarms immediately determines department responsible for troubleshooting the detected problem and informs the designated department personnel for further action related to the problem

Management of the 3 Network Elements

We have developed 2 types of teams to manage our network elements. While a central Core team manages the Network Core element, 4 separate Access teams manage the Network Backbone and Network Distribution elements. Access teams in their respective regions are responsible for managing both the Network Backbone and Network Distribution elements in their respective regions.

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