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Network Backbone

We have built an extensive backbone for interconnecting our nationwide and city POPs to our NOC in Dhaka. All AccessTEL POP have redundant connectivity for ensuring high level up-time. All nationwide intercity connectivity is established separate mobile operator network for primary and secondary routes.

All backbone within the same city is fully owned and managed by AccessTEL consisting of fiber optic, free space optics and high capacity radio technologies. The core backbone network has a carrier of carrier architecture which enables the provisioning of multiple types of last mile technology used for Broadband connectivity from any of the AccessTEL POPs.

  • Fiber Optics
  • High Capacity Radio
  • STM Connectivity between cities in Bangladesh over the mobile/NTTN operator TDM Network

Network Distribution

BWA Network Distribution

The present Pre-WiMax last mile network is typically used to connect customers with bandwidth requirement between 64 kbps to 768 kbps while the WiMax 802.16e network is able to connect customers with bandwidth requirements up to 5 Mbps. All the distribution sites (POP) are strategically deployed for optimum coverage for the 3.5 GHz licensed frequency BWA network for easy, quick and cost effective BWA services.

The Pre-WiMax and WiMax BWA are True non-line-of-sight Wireless Data Network infrastructures for BWA Connectivity with Dedicated & Shared Bandwidth Allocations for corporate and residential customers. AccessTEL began building and providing services through the BWA Network during 2004.

The Wireless Network Architecture is an NLOS BWA architecture with scalability, reliability and flexibility for meeting customer requirements. We expect to increase wireless coverage by employing LTE networks in the future and intend to redeploy the Pre-WiMax and WiMax networks to smaller cities across the country.

Point to Point Radio Network Distribution

Typically used to connect customers outside the BWA Network coverage areas and for customers with bandwidth requirement higher than the bandwidth that is available on the BWA networks. All the distribution sites (POP) are strategically deployed for optimum coverage for ISM band point to point and point to multipoint radio network for customer connectivity for easy, quick and cost effective Broadband services.

Fiber Optics Distribution Network

The FON distribution network is used for Fiber Optic connectivity for our high bandwidth users. Data rates range between from 1 Mbps to 1000 Mbps for customers. When our fiber customers need bandwidth upgrades there is no need to send any engineer to customer sites or our POP as the data rate assigned to the customer on the FON distribution network can be changed remotely from our FON management system.


Network Management System (NMS)

Key to the Central Network Management System is the ability for the network management functionality to be as robust as the network itself, addressing any unit on the network, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a reliable, cost-effective manner. AccessTEL’s network operations center can view the entire network in real-time without the need for supplementary connections or equipment.

The NMS including our subscriber management system for the provisioning of Broadband Access allows real time and cost effective management of the network operations. AccessTEL competitive advantage is greatly accelerated due to the time it takes to bring high-speed access to the customers and modify any service level agreements centrally as per customer requests.

Network Distribution

  • WiMax 802.16e wireless network on 3.5 GHz exclusive band
  • Pre-WiMax wireless network on 3.5 GHz exclusive band
  • Point to Multi-Point Radio Network on ISM band
  • Fiber Optic Network Distribution
  • Network Management System

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