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2000 Launches Bangladesh’s First Broadband Services
2001 Opens Hardware and Software Sections
2001 Deploys Copper (xDSL) Network
2002 Receives USTDA Grant
2003 Obtains 14 MHz Spectrum on 3.5 GHz Band
2004 Launches World’s First NLoS pre-WiMax BWA Network on 3.5GHz
2005 Deploys 1 Gpbs Fiber Network
2006 Introduces Managed Media For Improved Support
2007 Expands capacity and coverage of the pre-WiMax Network
2008 Extends pre-WiMax and Fiber Network to 6 Divisional Headquarters of Bangladesh
2009 Acquires Tackyon for its 14 MHz spectrum on 3.5 GHz Band and Alap Communication for its network coverage in 53 Cities and data customers
2010 Obtains IP Telephony License
2012 Deploys Wimax 802.16e network in Dhaka on 3.5 GHz
2013 Establishes IntraGlobe Communications to obtain IIG License and rolls-out IIG operations
2014 Upgrades backbones to Chittagong, Sylhet & Jessore capacity to STM
2015 Upgrades Fiber Network to 10 Gbps
2016 Signs an agreement with Robi to establish and maintain metro-WiFi solution throughout Bangladesh
2016 Signs with SAP to sell, implement and manage SAP Business One

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