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Unlike most other countries where Internet and Data Companies often piggyback on existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide services, in Bangladesh the telecommunications infrastructure did not exist to piggyback on.  In areas where there was some telecommunications infrastructure we were unable to piggyback on due to the unwillingness of the state run telecom operator to share their infrastructure. It is for this very reason the Bangladesh market is quite unique since Internet and Data service providers had to literally build the end to end infrastructure to provide services to their respective clients.

AccessTEL has always been quick to adapt to new and more efficient technologies in order to continue being able to address its customers growing demands and needs.  It is for this reason the structure of the company has been designed to address both the technology and customer support requirements.  The structural design of the company also aims at maintaining its position in the market to continue being ahead of its competition in terms having technology and infrastructural advantages.  Although technology plays a big factor in AccessTEL having advantages over its competitors, the key factor has always been its personnel.

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