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Tackyon Limited

tackyonTackyon Ltd. is a tier 1 Nationwide ISP providing Intranet services to SoHo market. With exclusive license frequency in 3.5 MHz, it has a deployment of WiMAX and Pre-WiMAX service serving the corporate intranet market.



ALAP Communication

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Alap Communication Ltd. is a tier 1 Nationwide ISP primarily focused on corporate financial sector of Bangladesh. After establishment in 2004, Alap’s primary target has been serving the financial sector of the country with cutting edge cost effective solution.




Intraglobe Communication Limited

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igIntraglobe Communications Ltd. (IG) is an International Internet Gateway (IIG) company established in 2013. From inception, IG has been playing an important role in managing both East bound and West Bound International Internet traffic for its customers’.

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