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About Us

About Us

Access Telecom (BD) Ltd. (AccessTEL) was founded in 1997, with a view to making communication more cost effective through the use of Internet in Bangladesh, by a few Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with American education and years of work experience in the US financial and telecommunications industry.

AccessTEL is a tier-1 Broadband Service Provider and with an experienced team of industry experts, AccessTEL aims to lead the Broadband service provision of Internet Access, Corporate Private Networks (Intranet) and Corporate Broadcast services. The AccessTEL management has years of experience on IT sector in Bangladesh and abroad. AccessTEL is an equal opportunity employer with a staff consisting of over 150 personnel with diverse skill sets and professional expertise.

AccessTEL is presently in the process of building a nationwide Broadband Network in Bangladesh. The network is being built to address both the corporate and residential Broadband needs. AccessTEL works closely with international leading Broadband Network Access suppliers and with leading Satellite Service providers with operations in multiple countries in the region for delivering customized and unique solutions. The Broadband Access for Internet and Private Networking (Intranet) solution services provided by AccessTEL using state-of-the-art systems allow very economical deployment of quality high speed Internet/Intranet access using a combination of satellite, wireless (3.5GHz Licensed Band) & Fiber Optic technologies.

AccessTEL offers a suite of services to meet the varied Internet & Private Networking (Intranet) needs of clients with IP based solutions minimizing client’s upfront and recurring network costs.

June 2000

AccessTEL introduces Broadband to Bangladesh for the first time.

April 2001

AccessTEL adds Hardware section in order to address additional service requirements of its clients.

May 2004

AccessTEL deploys Bangladesh’s first long distance FSO (Free Space Optics) backbones.

October 2004

AccessTEL deploys worlds first 3.5GHz Non-Line-Of-Sight Wireless Broadband Access Network in Dhaka city.

Our Vision

AccessTEL is a technology driven organization devoted to being the industry leader in customer care and satisfaction. With a focus on cost effective & innovative solutions, it is quality and dependability that form the foundation of our entity. We will provide Broadband access to every home and every office across the country by making Broadband cost effective, readily available and educating everyone on all its available utilities and their advantages. In other words, we will continue removing all barriers that may lead to the adoption of Broadband.

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Organizational Structure:

Unlike most other countries where Internet and Data Companies often piggyback on existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide services, in Bangladesh the telecommunications infrastructure did not exist to piggyback on.  In areas where there was some telecommunications infrastructure we were unable to piggyback on due to the unwillingness of the state run telecom operator to share their infrastructure. It is for this very reason the Bangladesh market is quite unique since Internet and Data service providers had to literally build the end to end infrastructure to provide services to their respective clients.

AccessTEL has always been quick to adapt to new and more efficient technologies in order to continue being able to address its customers growing demands and needs.  It is for this reason the structure of the company has been designed to address both the technology and customer support requirements.  The structural design of the company also aims at maintaining its position in the market to continue being ahead of its competition in terms having technology and infrastructural advantages.  Although technology plays a big factor in AccessTEL having advantages over its competitors, the key factor has always been its personnel.



In an industry where employee turnover is usually high, the AccessTEL experience in this regard has been very positive.  Since its inception the employee turnover has been exceptionally low in the upper and mid management levels. 

Perhaps a primary reason for this long term dedication is due to the working conditions of the company and the confidence in the sponsor directors leadership and visions about the future growth prospects of the company.

Although the sponsor directors actively participate in the company operations, there is no micro management and department heads are given the full freedom and empowered to carry on their duties as per company established policies. 


Education & Training

As a policy of the company all positions starting from Executive level and up must at least have a Bachelors degree from an accredited University.  It is important to note that there is a significant amount of training given to all relevant employees of the company from both internal and external resources. 

A big reason for this is that the training needed for the state-of-the-art technology and network is not available in the regular accredited Universities of Bangladesh.  For example, only recently everyone is talking about WiMax technology and Broadband Wireless Access.  However, AccessTEL has been training its staff to build, operate and manage WiMax BWA networks since

The year 2004. Then between 2006 and 2007 AccessTEL began training its employees on building, operating and managing an all IP Carrier Ethernet Fiber Optics Network based on Packet Switching technology. Whereas the traditionally Fiber Optic Networks are based on circuit switching technology.

Although a significant amount of training is concentrated in the technology training areas, AccessTEL periodically trains its staff on non-technology related training i.e. Team Building, Phone Support Manner, Habits of Effective Communications, and Effective Sales Techniques.  Ongoing and advance training on new items as well as refreshers are a must for AccessTEL to maintain its edge over all its competitors today and in the future.


Achievements (Special Projects): 

VAT Online Project

AccessTEL is the proud partner of government’s VAT Online Project. In September 2016, AccessTEL started connecting  nationwide NBR Offices and completed connecting 142 NBR Offices located in 63 districts and 7 Thanas of Bangladesh from 200+ AccessTEL’s Own presences.

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