Dark Fiber

Fiber Connectivity

Dark Fiber

Fiber Connectivity

Dark Fiber is a fiber-optic point to point solution that allows you to create your own network, without the need to invest in your own fiber-optic infrastructure. AccessTEL Dark Fiber is an optimum solution for very high-speed data applications and gives you access to on-going network growth while maintaining full control of your fiber-optic network.

Extensive fiber-optic coverage

  • Over thousands of fiber-optic networks throughout Bangladesh with close tie-up with both NTTN Service Provider
  • Access to on-going network growth
  • Supports all major technologies

Full Control

  • You choose what equipment to use and how and when to connect it
  • You decide the transmission technology and what protocols to use

Private and Secure

Allocated fiber is dedicated and provides physical separation from any other service with Complete security